Special Occasions
We are a full service flower shop and offer expertise in all areas of floral design. We are always available to advise you concerning any occasion; know we are here to help you.
Anniversary & Romance
If romance is in the air, consider adding chocolate truffles, a scented candle or bath salts, and a suggestive bag of rose petals. Really splurge and add a bottle of wine or champagne to set the mood!

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses
Price: $65

2 Dozen Long Stem Roses
Price: $125

Red Romance
Price: $85 - $100

Plush & truffles and roses
Price: $49

Stargazers & Roses
Price: $75 - $110

Price: $60 - $75

Romance Roses
Price: $45 - $65

Happily Ever
Price: $$40 - $60
Valentine’s Day
One of our busiest days of the year, we stock every variety of flowers imaginable, so let us know what your sweetheart’s favorite flowers are, and we’ll custom design a special bouquet. Rose prices will be at market value, so please call for pricing as the listed rose prices will not be applicable. Please call us to inquire about our themed gifts!

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses

2 Dozen Long Stem Roses

Stargazers and Roses

Plush & truffles and roses

Red Romance

Thanksgiving & Christmas
We offer festive centerpieces, decorated wreaths, lovely poinsettias, fragrant paper white bulbs, and amaryllis plants. Add an ornament as a keepsake to be remembered throughout the years.

We offer in-home and outdoor installation of garland, Christmas tree lighting/décor, and wreaths. If you want your home already festively decorated before you & your family arrives in Summit County, please give us a call!

Please stop by our gift shop for unique and beautiful (and affordable!) Christmas gifts!

Christmas time Wedding

Decorated Fresh wreaths
Price: $50 - $125

Holiday Centerpieces
Price: $60 - $85

Holiday Cornucopia
Price: $55 - $75

Large Centerpiece
Price: $75 - $100

Silk Wreaths Dec't
Price: $100 - $250

Small Centerpiece
Price: $50 - $75
Corporate Gifts
Want to portray a professional image and send a gift of flowers or plants? We promise to make a good impression on your behalf. You can trust Garden of Eden to deliver professional results. Gift Baskets are the perfect corporate gift. We believe “It’s all about the presentation!” Discounts offered for larger quantities. Experienced in professionally designed gift baskets and in production of large quantity orders. We promise to deliver results that make your business image shine!
Standing Orders & Home Installations
Want your business to portray a vision of excellence? Have fresh flowers in your entryway to greet them every time they visit! We offer 30% off on standing orders with a commitment of 6 months and we do not charge for the container. Delivery fees are also discounted. Set up weekly or Bi-weekly floral deliveries.

Enhance your home with fresh flowers & blooming plants. Set up weekly deliveries or call us before you come to town and we’ll fill your vases before you arrive. Fresh flowers and plants offer unmatched beauty and ambiance to any environment. Standing order discounts apply.
Flowers help ease the passing of a loved one…
For larger floral designs we have urns available to rent. We can order large heart shaped wreaths or crosses,.. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will help you through this difficult time.

Full Wreath
Price: $399

Dish Garden
Price: $50 - $100

Standing Wreath
Price: $175 - $225

3 dz
Price: $225

Price: $75 - $100

Price: $175 - $250

Price: $50 - $70

$2 dozen
Price: $160
New Baby

For baby boy
Price: $50 - $60

Bear hug
Price: $35 - $50

Pink Love
Price: $45 - $55

Just Ducky
Price: $48

Polka Dots
Price: $35 - $45 (Deluxe shown)
Mothers Day

Floral Fragrance
Price: $35-$40

Lily Topiary
Price: $45 - $65

Purple Passion
Price: $40-$60

Floral Fragrance Large
Price: $45-$60

Dancing Butterflies
Price: $55-$75

Forever Joyful
Price: $80-$100

Simple Sweetness
Price: $35-$50